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In addition to our domestic business, for more than 40 years Day-Lee Foods has also exported and imported quality products from around the world in order to meet the ever-growing global demand for high-quality and reliable protein and grain products.

Our International Division has offices in Los Angeles, the Midwest, and Vancouver, Canada.  Our wide range of connections allows us to consistently provide our customers with the best offers and services available in today’s constantly changing trade environment.

We export chilled and frozen products such as Beef, Pork, Poultry, Seafood and Grain from the United States, Mexico, and Canada to many Asian countries such as Japan, China, Korea and Singapore in addition to countries in Central and South America.  The members of our team are devoted to providing quality products, and make regular inspections of facilities to ensure our high standards are met.

Our International Sales team is always ready to assist clients with their needs, assuring every customer with the “Joy of Eating.”

Product Information


With an expansive Corn Belt located in the Midwest, the United States is the largest producer of corn in the word.  The cattle grown in this vast extent of land is famous for its grazed breeding and is known as corn fed.  Corn fed beef contains moderate fat which brings out the best flavor.  We currently export various parts of beef including short rib, short plate, brisket, rib eye, T-bone, and tenderloins.


We offer chilled and prozen pork of superior quality for export, along with our American private brands of pork which has been distributed in the Japanese market for 20+ years.  American Pork is known for its tender texture and excellent color.  Also, many of our Mexican exports are value-added products with items such as skewered pork belly, netted pork, and many other specialized cuts.

We also provide Canadian pork which has been raised in the freshest environment with pure water and cool temperatures.  All of ouor products unergo strict inspections according to the highest standards in order to ensure top quality results.


Poultry is considered one of the healthiest meats because it is low fat and contains many proteins that are important for building the body.  The population of health-conscious people is gradually increasing all over the world; to satisy the needs of those people, we carry US grown NAE (No Antibiotics Ever) products.  We mainly export dark meats of frozen poultry such as bone-in and boneless whole legs, leg quarters, thighs, drumsticks as well as many other parts.


We also import carefully selected broiled eel, albacore and shrimp, both raw and pre-cooked, with products including Shrimp Tempura, Fried Shrimp, Sushi Shrimp, and Stretched Shrimp.  We export rice grown in the rich and vast state of California.  Our large variety of high-end products allows us to meet the needs of each and every customer.

Day-Lee Foods, Inc. is a wholesale-only company and does not sell to the general public directly.

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